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Access the Facebook messenger and send private messages to Facebook friends, receive videos and links

Access the Facebook messenger and send private messages to Facebook friends, receive videos and links

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Program license: Free

Program by: Facebook

Version: 388.

Works under: Android

Also available for Windows Mac


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Also available for


Windows Mac

Facebook Messenger is a communication app used by over a billion people per month. Many of these users own an Android smartphone or tablet. Through this particular app, individuals can keep in touch with each other free of charge. Communication is possible through text, audio, and video at the touch of a button. Messenger is a communication platform at its core, and its other features help propel the app ahead of competitors.

Messenger Works...and It Works Well

When users open Messenger for the first time, they'll connect their Facebook account. Friends immediately populate the messaging screen, and users can start chatting right away. In simple terms, Facebook Messenger works as intended from the beginning. Users can message individual friends or create group chats with ease. Navigating through menus and chats proves simple and quick without any noticeable stutters on most phones.

Conversations between two or more users couldn't be easier. Facebook Messenger makes it easy to figure out who a user is talking to, whether they're in a group chat or one-on-one conversation. In each chat window, users see when messages have been read, and whether the recipient is replying or not. The entire conversational process in Messenger runs without a hitch because the app is optimized in every way.

Features, Features, Features

Quite a few other options are available once a chat has been started, and extra features make Messenger even better. For instance, users can type text-based messages, but that's not all. Messenger includes a variety of emojis and stickers to enhance conversation. It's then possible to take photos or videos and send them to recipients. GIFs are shareable within the app, and users can even send payments to each other.

Essentially Facebook Messenger allows users to engage in a little bit of everything. Conversations can be carried out how each user prefers, and each feature works toward that end. While chatting with each other, users can converse in pure emojis if they prefer, or they can fire up a video chat in seconds. Either way, Messenger gives users a lot of options for communication, including SMS integration within the app.

No Such Thing As A Perfect App, Though

Messenger aims to let Facebook users communicate in any way they deem necessary. The app is a one-stop portal for communication through various mediums. Unfortunately, many users will find it difficult to utilize every feature within Messenger. An abundance of features may make the app feel a bit cluttered for some users. Tons of GIFs, images, and videos take a toll on data plans and battery life alike. In the end, Messenger succeeds in far more areas than it fails, and it's one of the best messaging apps now.


  • Messenger is packed with features upon features
  • As a messaging app, it works incredibly well
  • Runs fast and fluid on various types of hardware


  • App is always running, takes a toll on battery
  • So many features can get confusing for users
  • Data usage may become a concern for certain users

Facebook Messenger is a cool chatting app that puts you in direct contact with all of your Facebook friends. The app has a lot of features that you may need if you have a huge inventory of friends that you converse with on Facebook. Just a few of the features that the app comes with are features such as picture sharing, group messaging and location sharing. If you want to delve into other forms of communication, you can switch to a video call or a regular voice call and contact your friend on the app like that. Download it now and try it.

Facebook Messenger allows users to stay in contact with friends and family members. The app holds the distinction of being downloaded over a billion times by users. Recently, Messenger allowed non-Facebook users to sign up with their phone numbers. It's a simple-to-use app with dozens of features.

Embedded features include video chatting, VoIP calls, and sticker sharing. In fact, users can send and receive money in an instant with PayPal integration. Few messenger clients are as ubiquitous and feature-rich as Facebook Messenger. Tens of millions of people utilize the app on a regular basis, and it's an incredible communication tool.